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Intraocular Lens Implant (also called as Phakic Intraocular Lens Implant / Implantable Contact Lens - ICL)

This is an alternate approach to laser refractive surgery. Precise calculation of refractive eye power of the individual is calculated and sent off to have such customized lens manufactured. The lens is inserted and placed between the iris and natural lens through a small miniature opening. The procedure is carried in five to ten minutes under local anaesthesia. Such a procedure is totally reversible unlike any laser refractive surgery.


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  ICL Lens is positioned between the pupil and the natural eye lens.  
ICL Lens is positioned between the pupil and the natural eye lens
  Study on endothelial cell loss in iris-fixated lens  

There is also another type of phakic intraocular lens such as the iris fixated lens which has the lens positioned between the pupil and the corneal. However such lens has the potential of causing endothelial cell loss in time to come. Endothelial cells are situated at the inner part of corneal, and are responsible in keeping the clarity of corneal intact.

  Read article:
Aug 2007: Endothelial cell loss in iris-fixated lens
Study highlights the importance of continued monitoring of endothelial cells among patients who receive phakic IOLs
Sufficient endothelial cell is crucial in keeping the cornea clear. Continual loss of endothelial cell will result in compromised cornea that may require cornea graft in due course.

For further information please contact:
Dr Yeoh Phee Liang, Advance Vision Eye Specialist Centre, Tel: +603 - 7724 1392
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