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Dr. Tay
Everything seems to be moving fast, even you like it or not,  we did not even realized that in the field of medicine like Dr.Marc Tay, he has turned into a “Robot” or a “Six Million Dollar Man”!!!
Ezyhealth : LASIK
A good microkeratome creates thin and precise flap. “No blade” flap creator by laser is more variable and is of no substitute to a microkeratome with a great track record.
Modern Medicine : ICLs correct high myopia better than all-laser LASIK?
Study on the outcome and patient satisfaction with lens implantation (Phakic IOL) versus Customvue Lasik with Intralase.
The Star - 8th April 2007 : Is the doctor in?
The private health-care business has become so commercialised that even businessmen are setting up clinic to reap profits.
US health regulators to review LASIK laser eye surgery
"Obviously, it's a technology that has caught on and is used very, very widely."
News Straits Times - 16th October 2007 : Eye on new laser treatment
New techniques in laser eye surgery could eliminate night vision problems and other undesirable side-effects of the treatment, enabling thousands more people to put aside their glasses and contact lenses.
Which? - Feb 2005 : Laser Lottery.
We take a close look at the risks associated with laser eye surgery. Complication rates after surgery vary greatly between doctors. Safe in whose hands?
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